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Tourismusverband Eisenstadt Leithaland

The Burgenland capital Eisenstadt lies at the foot of the Leithagebirge and counts with its 14,674 inhabitants, one of the smallest state capitals in Austria. "Small is beautiful!" - As the former residence of the Esterházy princes has a lot to offer its visitors. Eisenstadt fascinated simply by its character. Particularly worth seeing are next to the Esterházy Palace and the mountain church of St. Martin or the Castle Park - a former Baroque garden, which was converted in 1800 into an English landscape garden with its revitalized greenhouses. you can let roam to heaven a little closer and the views over the rooftops to the Gloriette. On a mountain built, you have the opportunity to look deep into the soul of Burgenland to be immortal to fall in love with the country and its beauty. The Gloriette was built nearly 200 years ago as a hunting lodge in honor of Mary Hermenegild, wife of Prince Nikolaus II Esterházy, in the style of a Greek temple and originally bezeichnet.Die as Marie Temple Eisenstadt can look back on an eventful history, which visitors today still captivates. Almost every building has to tell an interesting story. One only has to take the time and listen carefully! On a tour of the Esterházy Palace one feels instinctively returned to a bygone era. If you walk through the listed Old Town, one waits in fact only on the famous composer Joseph Haydn, who has made the city famous throughout the world, to run into. Culture has an important role in addition to the history in the state capital Eisenstadt. The International Haydn Days, which take place every year in September, have made the city known around the globe. But attractions like the Esterházy Palace or the mountain church with the world's only Calvary, which are among the most important cultural monuments of the country, are among the sightseeing highlights of each city guide. The largely landmarked Old Town is the heart of the city. Thousands of visitors stroll daily through the pedestrian area to make window shopping, buy or coffee to relax with a good cup. Let yourself be enchanted by the Haydn Eisenstadt! In addition to the history and culture but it has not neglected the state capital, to address the needs of a modern city and to meet the needs of visitors meet. Numerous cafes, dining establishments, boutiques, shops and entertainment facilities make Eisenstadt with its two hamlets of St. Georgen and Kleinhöflein an experience. Kleinhöflein located on the western edge of the city and is a wine village with about 1,000 inhabitants. The standing on a hill visible from afar late Gothic church dates from the 15th century and is the hl. consecrated Veit. The end of June each year Kleinhöflein the social center of the city - then that takes the winery Kirtag instead. St. Georgen is the "Grinzing of Eisenstadt". Countless Heurige have made the 1,280 strong community known throughout the country. The Attila stone, a Roman grave stone from the 1st century AD, is the symbol of the municipality. The Burgenland capital is worth a visit in any case. Visitors will find in Eisenstadt everything to experience a great holiday: the cozy atmosphere of a small town, one of the most modern requirements of such infrastructure, an extensive cultural and leisure activities and - most importantly - the warmth of its people!