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Family Kerndler imagines Come as a guest - leave as a friend! We are a full-time operation with agricultural and cattle and many small animals ("Our animals). Plenty of attractions for children ("fun and games) make the stay for children to adventure, and for their parents to relax (" adventure and relaxation). Since we ourselves have two children, also playmates are always present. "Grandpa" Karl, "Grandma" Mary, Gabrielle, John, Daniel, Luke Be part of our extended family! Who is at Mostviertler farmers visited, lives in close contact with the country and people. Farmers open the farm gates for their guests and let participate in farm life, with an overly romantic view of life on the farm rarely have anything in common. From time immemorial, it is the natural change of seasons, the farmers divides the work and determine their way of life, whether you are running now Serviced or livestock, forestry, agriculture or orchards. Many sights, attractions and other leisure activities to choose from ("Attractions). Since the Danube Bike Path is just 1.5 km away, we also hire bikes ("donauradln). We look forward to each new guest (... and on future regulars in particular) and also you would like us