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Hörmann Waltraud und Johann

Our farm is ideal for those seeking relaxation, rest and needy Nature-loving people to recommend as the best destination. Location: in a beautiful countryside in the south-eastern forest area on the plateau the Kamp valley, off the road and therefore quiet. Environment: lots of woods, bike and hiking trails of the Kamp valley, nature park Kamtal in our immediate vicinity, in Gars am Kamp, see Tennis courts, indoor tennis courts, a water park. Taverns and taverns, as well as numerous monasteries, castles, Castles and the Kamp Valley reservoirs are waiting for your visit. Auserd is possible with a neighbor on a carriage ride or enjoy a riding lesson. We would be delighted to accommodate you in our apartments to be allowed.


Winzerhof Stauffer

We are a quality-oriented family farm. We sell any kind of choice wines – from delightful high-quality-wines up to substantial titled premium wines. Your accommodation is situated near the forest in the centre of the lovely village “Elsarn”. You will be lodged in an adapted old farm with romantic ambience. We invite you to our lounge to have a delicious breakfast with natural products like home-made jam, honey and natural grape juice. Your accommodation is the starting point for lovely, relaxing hikes. The hiking trails of Straß are close to our house, so you will be able to join at a central point of the trail. Above all we offer you commented tastings with brunch and a guided tour through our wine-cellar and the wine-shop. A special attraction for the whole family is the trip with our old tractor to the wineyards or various destinations in Straß and its surrounding.