Camping Stadl an der Mur

da bräuhauser

Camping da bräuhauser
Camping da bräuhauser_winter
Camping da bräuhauser
Camping da bräuhauser

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We, the family Pichler want your name on our website very welcome.

We are pleased that you are showing interest in our company managed with love (farm, summer-winter camping, small campsite, and our hut).

In the following pages we would like to introduce ourselves a little closer, and look forward to welcoming you and your family as our guests to be allowed.

Here is a brief overview of our operations, and about the subtleties of our house:

Farm Holidays


Qualitätsgeprüfter 3-Flower Farm ?

Room facilities according to Feng Shui ?

cozy living room with fireplace ?

Breakfast buffet with products from our own farm ?

Sun terrace with in-house herb garden ?

Our water is purified according to John Grander ?

Natural pond

Steiermark Camping - Murau Camping - Stadl an der Mur Camping

standard room double room WC shower TV set non-smoking areas barbecue
da bräuhauser
Steindorf 23
8862 Stadl an der Mur 
Murau - Steiermark
Tel: 004335342338
Description of way

Camping Stadl an der Mur
Camping Murau
Camping Steiermark