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Hotel Hotel Post
Hotel Hotel Post
Hotel Hotel Post
Hotel Hotel Post

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The Hotel Post was once a business house. The coat of arms of the last trades, the Grimming family, still adorns the house.
Today it is under the protection of the Hague Convention. In the oldest part of the town are some Roman stones. The vaults date from the 16th century and have been created after the reconstruction of the former Gothic house. The renaissance "Rittersaal" with its furnishings was sold in the course of a conversion1850 to Vienna. The inn is still sheltered from the wind during the original house walls. In the Stüberl or the Kaminstube you can feel the cozy, grown atmosphere of a solid Austrian inn.
Not only in the preservation of the old building fabric, but also in our kitchen, we put on tradition in order to offer our guests an authentic piece of Austria. Enjoy Austrian flair: the cuisine, the wine, the beer, the cosiness, the air and the nature.

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Hotel Post
Mauterndorf 85
5570 Mauterndorf 
Tamsweg - Salzburg
Tel: +43 (0)6472 73 16
Fax: +43 (0)6472 73 16
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