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Reisedienst Feldkircher Pilgerfahrten

Travel agency Reisedienst Feldkircher Pilgerfahrten
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In 1950 the then pastoral administrator, Dr. Edwin Fasching, founded the "Reisedienst Feldkirch Pilgerfahrten" ("travel service Feldkirch pilgrimage") with the basic order to organize and carry out pilgrimages and other types of travel in the sense of the church in Vorarlberg. The organization of the first journeys took place through the pastoral care office in the closest personal cooperation with the women of the "work of the Frochbotschaft Batschuns", which provided a half-day service free of charge.

After the early death of Dr. Edwin Fasching, Pastoral Care Director, in 1957, Bishop Dr. Paulus Rusch commissioned the "work of the Froschbotschaft Batschuns" to take over the Pilgrimage, so that from that time the responsibility for the travel service at the "work of the Frohbotschaft Batschuns" lay . For legal and concessionary reasons the "Verein Reisedienst der Feldkircher Pilgerfahrten" was founded on 19 February 1970.

The travel agency has successfully accomplished its task in all these years, and many satisfied travelers can give it a good testimony. Each year, around 1,800 men and women from Vorarlberg and the neighboring countries participate in our varied travel offer. Some parishes have already used our services.

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Reisedienst Feldkircher Pilgerfahrten
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Feldkirch - Vorarlberg
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Travel agency Feldkirch
Travel agency Feldkirch
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