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Having fun, doing something just for yourself, breathing free – simply feeling at home amongst friends. Wagrain is a tradition-rich vacation spot in the heart of Salzburg’s mountain world.  With an atmosphere that’s second to none, this town is a perfect vacation destination. Wagrain has managed to preserve the beauty of its landscapes and its village charm.  Here you’ll discover a special ambience, warmth and hospitality, combined with all the comforts that a top-notch resort town can offer. What makes Wagrain so unique  are the friendly people, its natural setting and the broad selection of activities it’s possible to enjoy both in summer and winter. In Wagrain, the focus is on hospitality and conviviality, while making our guests happy is always the order of the day.


Enjoy the wellness and fitness amenities of the hotels, the warmth and friendly atmosphere of our small, yet superb inns, the home-away-from-home ambience of private B&B’s and vacation apartments, and the very essence of country living at one of our rustic farmhouses.


Experience Wagrain with every fiber of your body: the air, the mountains, the beauty of its landscapes.  Take time to do something good for yourself.  Wagrain is the ideal base for hikes through Alpine meadows in bloom and lush high pastures crossed by crystal-clear mountain streams. Pack your backpack and lace up your hiking boots!  Every step of the way, Wagrain promises unforgettable mountain adventures set against an enchanting backdrop. 140 km of marked hiking and walking paths


will entice you out into a pristine mountain world dotted with countless country inns. Take in the rustic atmosphere and treat yourself to local delicacies, such as sour cheese, bacon and home-distilled schnapps.


Cyclists, too, will hit top gear when they come to Wagrain.  Riding along clearly marked mountainbike trails, you’ll get to truly explore the surrounding Alpine world and soak in our one-of-a-kind panoramas from atop your saddle. If you prefer, there’s also a more leisurely way to sample that bracing mountain air.  The “Flying Mozart” and Grafenberg lifts will carry you quickly and comfortably up to those airy elevations.  Then, set out from the summit station and continue your excursion in relaxing fashion amid this breathtaking setting. Leave the daily routine far behind and immerse yourself in nature.  There’s nothing more invigorating!


Big and small are guaranteed to have all kinds of aquatic fun in the all-weather pool of the Amadé WaterWorld. Even when, on occasion, a cloud happens to darken the sky, there’s still no reason for anyone to get upset. Wagrain has ensured that there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the indoor facility. With so many options available, water-lovers will soon be seeing nothing but sunshine again.  And the spaciously designed, oriental-style sauna center is the ideal spot to relax and recharge your batteries.


Experience everything Wagrain has to offer with our all-inclusive Wagrain Card.  For 7 whole days, you can use the Wagrain Card for unlimited use of the Wagrain mountain lifts, visit the Amadé WaterWorld once a day, play mini golf, check out the Waggerl Museum, enjoy our slide show, “Wagrain in all 4 Seasons”, participate in one of our guided hikes, and find out more about the world of herbs as you take a guided tour


through our “Garden of Medicinal & Kitchen Herbs”. The Card is available at the Wagrain Tourist Office and at various hotels.


Every summer, we organize a special weekly program for our guests to enjoy.  We offer adults guided hikes in and around Wagrain, while the kids can enjoy fun and games with our “Family Village Team” from Monday through Friday. No matter whether we’re painting T-shirts, playing mini golf, staging a Kids’ Olympics, or enjoying “Summer, Sun & Swimming Fun”, which includes grilling hot dogs at the Amadé WaterWorld’s all-weather pool, good times are guaranteed.


The United Nations has declared 2005 as the International Year of Sport and Physical Education. Wagrain has taken this occasion to create a very special offer. From September 1st, 2005, until September 30th, 2005, a very special highlight awaits everyone whose last name contains the name of a sport or piece of sporting equipment. For all you Bowmans, Glovers and Puckets out there, there are 50 % discounts on lodgings, use of the Wagrain Mountain Lifts and admission to the Amadé WaterWorld. This special is available on stays of 2 days or longer.  If this great offer has simply awakened your interest, or if you’re lucky enough to have a last name that contains the name of a sport or item of sporting equipment, you can make your booking directly through the Wagrain Tourist Office.

Prices: from 15 € to 75 €


Preis für 2 Erwachsene und 1 od. 2 Kinder (bis 11 Jahre im Zimmer der Eltern)
im ****Hotel mit Halbpension:
Saison A: 660,- EUR
Saison B: 730,- EUR

Preis für 2 Erwachsene und 1 od. 2 Kinder (bis 11 Jahre im Zimmer der Eltern)
im ***Hotel mit Halbpension:
Saison A: 529,- EUR
Saison B: 599,- EUR

Preis für 2 Erwachsene und 1 od. 2 Kinder (bis 11 Jahre im Zimmer der Eltern)
in einer unserer Pensionen mit Frühstück:
Saison A: 380,- EUR
Saison B: 450,- EUR

Preis für 2 Erwachsene und 1 od. 2 Kinder (bis 11 Jahre) in einem unserer Appartements ohne Verpflegung
Saison A: ab 380,- EUR
Saison B: ab 450,- EUR

Saison A: bis 08.07.05 und ab 20.08.05 bis Ende September
Saison B: 09.07.05 bis 19.08.05

Kinder (im Zimmer der Eltern) von 0 bis 11 Jahre: 100 % Ermäßigung in allen Kategorien

von 12 bis 15,9 Jahre:
· 140,- EUR pro Kind und Woche im ****Hotel mit Halbpension
· 125,- EUR pro Kind und Woche im ***Hotel mit Halbpension
· 55,- EUR pro Kind und Woche in der Pension mit Frühstück

inkl. alle Leistungen unserer Wagrain Card und Teilnahme an unserem Wochenprogramm

Wagrain Card: Unbeschränkte Nutzung der Bergbahnen Wagrain, täglich 1 kostenloser Eintritt in das Allwetterbad Wasserwelt Amadé, Waggerlmuseum, Minigolf, sowie eine geführte Wanderung, Diavortrag und einen Spaziergang im Kräutergarten.

Kinder: T-Shirt malen, Rätsel-Ralley, Grillen am offenen Lagerfeuer, Minigolf-Turnier, Kinderolympiade uvm.
Erwachsene: geführte Wanderungen, Kulturspaziergang, Familienwanderung, Diavortrag, Führung durch den Heil- und Gewürzkräutergarten.
Rafting, Canyoning, Flying Fox, Paragliding usw. werden vor Ort angeboten, und sind im genannten Preis nicht inkludiert. Gerne ist der Tourismusverband Wagrain bei der Organisation/Buchung behilflich.

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