Animals to pet, watch, feed, groom and have love!

  • We run an active agriculture. There are 100 bulls and 40 calves in the stable
  • Cheeky little goats jump around in the pasture in front of the house and like to be fed.
  • In the rabbit house for pure climbing the fluffy bunnies are waiting for stroking.
  • Ducks and geese waddle through the meadow and swim in the duck pool.
  • Chickens take care of the daily breakfast egg and the rooster crows joyfully.
  • Cuddly cats lolling in the sun and waiting for pats.
  • Our farm dog "Aiko" is a very dear and likes to pick up sticks
Strassbauer Zehethof 7
Strassbauer Steinakirchen
Strassbauer Mostviertel/ Eisenstraße/Moststraße
Strassbauer Lower Austria
Strassbauer Scheibbs
Strassbauer Austria
Strassbauer Strassbauer
Strassbauer Alpine cabin / chalet
Strassbauer 1-6299-139868
Zehethof 7
3261 Steinakirchen 
Scheibbs - Niederösterreich
Tel: +43 6603471470
Fax: +43 748871700
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