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Großglockner and Großglockner High Alpine Road

The Großglockner is 3798m high and the highest mountain in Austria. Enjoy with the whole family the unique high alpine environment at the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park and make a round trip on the Großglockner High Alpine Road. From the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe at 2369m you have a wonderful view on the Großglockner and on its glacier “Pasterze”, the longest glacier in the eastern Alps. More information about the Großglockner and the Großglockner High Alpine Road you get in our house or here.

Families with children can visit the wildlife park Ferleiten (near Fusch) before Grossglockner High Alpine Road starts, it's about 45 minutes by car away from our house. More information about the Wildlife Park you can get in our house or here.

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Waterfalls of Krimmel

The waterfalls of Krimmel are the fifth highest waterfalls in the world and the highest in Europe. The Ache of Krimmel (a river) crashes over three levels close to 385 meters in depth case. On a hiking trail, you can walk along the waterfalls and make a stopover at the public house Schönangerl. There is also the possibility to drive by taxi (with or without your bike) from the parking in Krimmel to the top of the waterfalls or to the Tauernhaus in the Achenvalley of Krimmel. Above the waterfalls stretches the beautiful, long-barreled Krimmel Achen Valley. in approximately 2.5 hours you can hike from the top of the waterfalls to the  Tauernhaus, an inn with accommodation. The parking lot in Krimmel can be reached in about 30 minutes by car from Vordergugg. More information are available here or directly in Vordergugg.

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Hintersee in the Felbertal of Mittersill

From Vordergugg you need about 15 minutes by car to the Hintersee, which is located in Felbertal of Mittersill. With its length of over 550 meters and a depth of up to 10 meters it is one of the largest lakes in Mittersill. The location of the lake is unique - steep, craggy cliffs surround the lake all around and is  alternated with forest and alpine pastures. Discover the beauty of this as a "natural monument" decorated biotope on the nature trail there. Visit the taverns "Gamsblickhütte" and "Meilinger Alm" there. Next to the guest house "Gamsblickhütte" there is a a small hut  where you can buy self manufactured goat cheese.
There is also the possibility to hike from Hintersee to the St. Pölten hut (2481m). More information on St. Pölten cottage is available here or directly from the Vordergugg.

Bio-Bauernhof Vordergugg Mittersill

Adventure swimming pool in Mittersill

The swimming pool of Mittersill is only five minutes by car from Vordergugg. Refresh yourself and your family in summer and sample the wide range of slides and play equipment in and out of water there. The opening times and and further information can be found here.

Bio-Bauernhof Vordergugg Bio-Bauernhof Vordergugg

Indoor swimming pool in Mittersill

In Mittersill there is in the Sporthotel Kogler an indoor pool available which will delight children as well as grown-ups. There is a 25m indoor sport swimming pool with waterfall, a massage bay and a whirlpool are available. For fun and games a 60m long giant slide and a paddling pool provides. There is also a large spa and solarium. More information on this swimming pool can be found here.

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