Tauern-Hütten Tauern-Hütten

The Zirbelhütte's new in our group. A beautiful panoramic view at breakfast can start the day already so gorgeous.

The house is 15!

You will live to see it! The Scheib Staffelsee emphasizes that in the Hohe Tauern sky a bit closer. The walk can take the whole family there. A snack (snack) in the Edelrautehütte completes the trip.
Tauern-Hütten Feriensiedlung
Tauern-Hütten Hohentauern

Comfort is very important to us. This naturally includes a beautiful terrace where our house is 3 You can see the mountains there. Of course, the good equipment in our homes. We want to feel yourself there, you should also learn the same thing.

The comfort you feel especially in winter. The slopes in the immediate neighborhood, which allows a stopover for a mulled wine. In the evening, the fire in the stove, plus a nice glass of wine and a suitable music, it could be better?

The wood is easily accessible for you at home!

Click here to house 12, the Milena hut!

Tauern-Hütten 1-1328-1311
Tauern-Hütten Styria

Also in house 13, you will feel at home. The view of the mountains is offered to us from all houses. Cozy furnishings and all the trimmings is available to you!

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